COVID Response

The Health In Harmony response to COVID-19 in Indonesia, Madagascar, and Brazil is a planetary health response.

This approach mitigates both the health effects of COVID-19 and the economic effects of collapsing livelihoods, while addressing the climate crisis.

It couples a health system-based emergency medical response to infectious disease with a rainforest stimulus package. Funding for sustainable activities like growing tree seedlings is provided to the vulnerable rainforest communities most at risk of being forced – by COVID’s economic impacts – to engage in rainforest degradation (i.e. logging, mining) for cash needed to cover lost income.

Most recent results include:

  • 4,100 patients seen in Indonesia and Madagascar
  • 22,179 seedlings planted this year
  • 18,082 seedlings purchased from the highest-risk rainforest degraders, providing financial security
  • 45,447 old-growth trees protected
  • 65 former loggers supported through stimulus conservation
  • 700 Malagasy farmers (70% women) from 31 villages trained in sustainable agriculture

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