Education Programs


Through our Education Programs in Indonesian Borneo, participants gain hands-on experience in the emerging field of planetary health. Check out the options above and join us for the experience of a lifetime!


Our programs are:

Guided by Radical Listening

We design pathbreaking health and conservation programs based on what communities say they need.

Immersive and Community Centered

Your classrooms will be forests, gardens, exam rooms, and villages. Members of the local community will be your guides.

Interconnected and Interdisciplinary

The broad scope of planetary health calls for all of us to work together. To create solutions, we need to communicate across boundaries and analyze challenges comprehensively. You will collaborate with colleagues from a variety of fields including medicine, ecology, and business.

Competency Based

Our programming is informed by cross-cutting principles for planetary health education and other educational frameworks such as ACGME and CUGH.

Committed to Health and Safety

We have over a decade of experience hosting hundreds of visitors. You can rest assured we will take care of all the details, ensuring you are healthy, safe, and prepared to travel.

Based in Mutual Interest

We all share a concern for the future of our planet. Our programs help you find and cultivate the roles you can play. We can help you explore your interests and where they fit in to the planetary health field.