Teaming up to Protect Our Future: #ForestsforFuture

Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park, a sprawling 1,811 square kilometers (699 square miles) of rainforest in central Borneo, is ideal orangutan habitat. That's why International Animal Rescue is rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orangutans there.

But communities on the borders of the park lack healthcare, reliable income, and basic services: they depend on illegal logging to survive. By providing high quality healthcare for the first time, Health In Harmony is helping these communities put down their chainsaws for good.

Our future - and the orangutans' future - depends on rainforests like these.

Preserving rainforests is essential for protecting biodiversity and creating a stable climate future.  That's why International Animal Rescue and Health In Harmony are we're partnering with communities to keep these precious rainforests intact.

Orangutans need a helping hand to return to the wild.

Since 2016, International Animal Rescue has released 36 orangutans in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park.  Each of these orangutans, whether they were rescued from palm oil plantations encroaching on their habitat or from international wildlife trafficking, can take up to 8 years to learn how to live in the wild. We need to protect - and even expand - the rainforest areas these animals can return to.

The orangutans' survival depends on the trees in the forest - which is why we need to help these communities find alternatives to logging.

Illegal logging is the primary sources of income for communities living on the border of the park. But with health care, training in organic agriculture, and alternative livelihood training, these communities can break their dependence on illegal timber - these human and orangutan communities can thrive together.

"People are having to choose between their present and their future. This isn't just Indonesia - it's everywhere."
- Dr. Kinari Webb, Founder, Health In Harmony