Health & Safety

All visitors must have reasonable physical ability, as life in Sukadana necessitates squatting, sitting on floors, cycling as a primary mode of transportation, climbing into and out of boats, and walking in the heat and humidity. If you have an existing health issue, you may find the change in climate, diet, and activities to be difficult.

Each visitor is required to fill out our Health & Safety Form, where you will detail your current health concerns, medications, dietary restrictions, and emergency contact information. Please be as thorough as possible, as this helps our team prepare for any special accommodations. 

Medical & Evacuation Insurance

All visitors will be covered under Health In Harmony’s international medical and evacuation insurance for the duration of your visit. Our plan is administered through Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk and covers expenses such as hospital visits, medical evacuation to a high standard of care, and repatriation. In the event of an emergency, Gallagher Global Assistance—a 24/7 travel assistance company—will handle all inquiries in conjunction with the insurance provider and with International SOS, the world’s leading medical evacuation company. Please make sure to save the medical insurance ID card to your phone and bring a copy with you while traveling.


Plan ahead. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a travel medicine consultation at least 4-6 weeks ahead of your departure, to receive guidance about your trip and the vaccinations and medications you may need. Although we are happy to provide suggestions, you should defer to the advice of your health care provider. For immunizations, your provider will likely recommend: 

  • Updates on routine vaccinations (MMR, Tdap, Varicella, Polio, flu)
  • Typhoid vaccine
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Some travelers may consider Hepatitis B vaccine, rabies vaccine, or Japanese encephalitis vaccine. Health In Harmony highly recommends rabies vaccine for our travelers. 
General Safety

Risks are an inherent part of any travel. To stay safe in Sukadana and the rest of Indonesia, we recommend the same strategies you would use to stay safe in any new place: be cautious, ask questions, learn about the towns/cities you are in, know where the more risky locations are, use common sense, and be aware.

Indonesia experiences periodic acts of political violence, civil unrest, and terrorism, but exposure to this is quite uncommon in Sukadana and the rest of Indonesian Borneo. Visitors should be most vigilant about these issues in Jakarta and other travel hubs. Please review the U.S. State Department website for the most up-to-date travel warnings, advisories, and other precautions.

Health & Safety Resources