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Show your friend or loved one how much they mean to you with a gift of healthy people and a healthy planet!


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*Each gift is 100% tax deductible (we will mail you a gift receipt).


You can choose from the following gifts:

Health In Harmony Coloring Book- $15

The perfect gift for kiddos - our brand new Health In Harmony coloring book, written and illustrated by Sara Helms. It tells a story of how the health of people, animals, and nature are connected, alongside beautiful illustrations. The coloring book is saddle stapled and contains 20 unique coloring pages featuring diverse images of people and Borneo's wildlife. Help teach future generations about planetary health by sending them a beautiful, interactive coloring book today.

*For this gift only, the recipient receives a coloring book and a mailed card, whereas for all other gifts below, they receive only a mailed card


watt-bryan-20150511-8560Medical Care for a Family - $25

For the communities living around Gunung Palung National Park, who on average live on $186 a month, paying for health care can be a huge burden for a family. Save lives today by making a gift that helps cover medical care for a family in honor of your loved one.



bryan-watt_may-2015_farmers-shoveling-dirtOrganic Farming Training for Former Loggers - $50

With help from ASRI's farming training, loggers are putting down their chainsaws and picking up shovels. They learn sustainable farming methods, including making natural fertilizers and pesticides, which are less expensive and healthier for people and the planet. Your gift helps farmers protect the rain forest and grow healthy food.


bryan-watt_may-2015_orangutan-and-baby-at-tanjung-putingOrangutan Habitat - $100

Save one of the last viable orangutan populations in the world by making a gift that will help plant trees in our partner ASRI’s reforestation sites. Show your loved one how much you care by making a gift to protect critically endangered orangutans from extinction.


dsc04444Pair of Goats for a Widow - $250

For widows who are raising families alone and have a limited means of income, a pair of goats can mean the world. With just two goats, widows can generate a sustainable source of income by selling the offspring, making manure for their gardens, or selling the manure to other farmers. Make a gift in honor of your loved one that empowers women, strengthens families, and supports sustainable agriculture.


A Logger's Chainsaw - $1,000

In the new Chainsaw Buyback Program, ASRI goes into a joint-venture business with loggers. The logger sells their chainsaw in exchange for an interest-free loan from ASRI. This holiday season, make it possible for a logger to never have to cut down another rain forest tree with a gift that purchases his chainsaw.

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