Rainforest Communities

Health In Harmony partners with communities living near protected rainforests that are critical to the climate and biodiversity, so they can live in balance with the natural environment. Because programs are exclusively designed by communities, they are unique to each rainforest, but often related to healthcare, livelihoods, education, and reforestation.

Choose any of the sites on the map above to learn more about the rainforest communities we work with.

HIH’s proof of concept began in Borneo, Indonesia. We expanded to a second site in Borneo in 2018, Madagascar in 2019, and Brazil in 2020. We are currently in the process of scaling via a digital app.

Rainforest communities know the vital value these forests have to offer to the whole planet.

Health In Harmony uses a process we call Radical Listening to ask communities what they need in order to be able to continue protecting their home, the rainforests. Communities then design the solutions, and we support the implementation. They are protecting more than just their homes; they are protecting our planet. People like you can invest in these solutions, as a gift of thanks to these rainforest communities.

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