Donate Today!

Orangutan mother and baby

A donation is the most direct way to protect rainforests with community solutions.

Your support improves the critical health of rainforest communities so they don’t need to destroy the rainforests we all depend on for a stable climate. Your donation to Health In Harmony will be used immediately and create a lasting positive impact on the planet.

Become an Ironwood!

Trees growing in the rainforest

Monthly support is so crucial to the work of protecting and expanding rainforests that we named our group of recurring donors after the strongest tree in the Borneo rainforest, the Ironwood.

Just like Ironwood trees are the foundation of a healthy forest ecosystem, monthly Ironwood donors are the foundation of the community solutions for planetary health.

Offset your carbon footprint with seedlings!

For the details and calculations behind our offsets, click here.

The communities we work with want to ramp up reforestation, so we can now offer 100% tax deductible emissions offsets that also ensure access to healthcare, invest in women’s leadership and sustainable jobs, and expand critical lemur habitat.

Thank you for offsetting your carbon with us!

We are currently moving our carbon program to benefit reforestation efforts in Madagascar. This involves updating our offset calculations to reflect tree planting in a different type of ecosystem. Given this, the amount of trees per tonne and the cost per tree may change. While we're working on the new calculations, we invite you to still give, as your donation will plant trees in Madagascar. We will just have delayed reporting on the carbon offset.

Updated carbon offsetting calculations coming soon!