Jonathan Jennings - Executive Director

Jonathan found his passion for managing international development projects early in his career. After completing his M.S. in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology, he spent several years in post-conflict Kosovo and then Croatia working with local NGOs and consulting for Mercy Corps. He later joined Save the Children in the UK and earned his M.A. in International Politics and Security at Bradford University. In 2005, he joined Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres, spending the next decade managing medical humanitarian programs in South Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Liberia, and elsewhere. In 2013, he became the Deputy Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Canada and settled in Toronto.

After more than 15 years in international aid, he decided to get back to his passion for environmental science and joined Health In Harmony (HIH) in 2017. He is incredibly excited to be part of the HIH team, as it's mission merges his two passions - global health and conservation biology. Jonathan believes that we no longer live in a world where the health of people, ecosystems, and the planet can be effectively addressed in silos; human development and ecosystem conservation are one and the same. As Executive Director, he oversees the representational, operational and financial health of this uniquely ambitious non-profit organization.

My favorite HIH story: Building a ‘Good Anthropocene’ From the Bottom-UpIdentifying successful socio ecological initiatives