Maggie McDow Gumbinner - Grants Manager

Maggie graduated from Stetson University with a degree in Political Science and spent the first part of her career working on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide. Focusing mainly on education and environmental issues she worked for members from New York City, Indiana, and Northern California as well as a stint on the House Education Committee.

 Following her passion for protecting the environment and feeling a need to do get involved with something that was actually making a difference, Maggie joined the board of Health In Harmony in 2013. Traveling to Sukadana in 2016 made her even more passionate for the work we are doing. While helping to fill a staffing gap at HIH, she realized that she not only loved Health In Harmony, but she also loved writing grants. Now she is pursuing a new line of work helping to convince others to love (and fund) the work that we are doing.

 When she is not writing grants, she is usually spending time with her kids, working in the garden, hiking, or playing tennis.