Trina Noonan - Managing Director

Trina graduated with a BA in journalism from Washington State University in 2010. She then pursued her passion for social justice through earning an MS in environmental studies at the University of Montana and writing her thesis on sustainable community development in Central America, Kenya and India, focusing specifically on the roles of women and religion – describing a model very similar to Health In Harmony! Trina has worked and volunteered with a variety of publications and environmental and social nonprofits including Portland Monthly, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Women’s Voices for the Earth. In the six months before she started at Health In Harmony in 2013, Trina lived with families in Turkey, Greece, and Italy, but she is now happily installed in Portland with her new husband, indomitable cat, and backyard garden.

My favorite HIH story: When our volunteer, Adam, was walking around ASRI's reforestation site and found the first four orangutan nests. It was so gratifying to see that orangutans were sleeping in the trees, even though they were still so young! This corridor, replanted with seedlings bartered by patients at the clinic, is so important for the genetic diversity and survival of this population. Reforestation is complex and difficult, but it's working!