Professional Exchanges

Audience: We welcome advanced-degree students and professionals from multiple disciplines who would like to share and learn in this setting. In the medical field, professional exchanges are geared toward residents, medical students (3rd or 4th year), and dental students wanting to complete an international rotation or elective.
Duration: In order to ensure a meaningful experience for visitors and Indonesian staff alike, we generally ask for a minimum of 1-2 months.
Format: We provide a supportive framework of readings, clinical opportunities (where relevant), and site visits, but overall this is a flexible and self-directed opportunity, and you will be traveling as an individual. You are assigned a supervisor for the duration of the professional exchange.

I am a Resident, Medical Student, or Dental Student

Join us at ASRI in Indonesian Borneo, to learn about healing patients while healing the planet. ASRI’s mission is to provide compassionate, high-quality, and affordable care to 40+ villages around Gunung Palung National Park, a high-value rainforest ecosystem.

We are an ideal international elective or rotation site for residents, medical students, and dental students who want to gain direct experience at an innovative grassroots organization. You will spend 1-2 months learning about planetary health, clinical practices in rural and low-resource settings, determinants of health, Indonesian culture, and more. This program is based in principles of mutual exchange knowledge, and you will share and learn alongside Indonesian physicians and other members of the medical team.

On most of days, you will be embedded in our clinic — observing routine activities, participating in rounding, giving presentations to the medical team, and becoming familiar with tropical, low-resource medicine. There will also be time dedicated to visiting ASRI's other programs, to understand how our conservation, education, and economic development initiatives are all interdependent with health care.

I have another professional skill I would like to share

We have welcomed Conservation Biologists, Veterinarians, Educators, Management Professionals, Communications Professionals, and others. Please let us know if you have a creative idea to pitch!

I am not eligible for a professional exchange but would like to visit

You may be interested in our Journey to Borneo - a trip for supporters and other visitors who want to learn more about our programs.

If you are a teacher or faculty member, you may be interested in designing a custom Field Course with us.