Community Hospital and Training Center

The ASRI Community Hospital and Training Center (CHTC) is a 27,000 sq ft building that will provide affordable, high-quality comprehensive health care in a facility with the capacity to meet the expanding demand at the ASRI clinic. The CHTC will be run by ASRI, and will provide the community with access to a variety of services such as surgeries and intensive care in addition to the outpatient care already provided by ASRI, so that patients no longer need to be transferred to a hospital 2-12 hours away. The hospital will feature:

  • Two operating suites for surgical procedures
  • Facilities within patient rooms for the patient’s family to sleep comfortably
  • Easy access to ASRI’s organic garden and seedling nursery, where family members may choose to work during a patient’s stay to pay for medical bills
  • Isolation rooms for patients with tuberculosis
  • An upstairs eat-and-meet space with a view onto the National Park for trainings and community feedback meetings
  • Open, covered walkways that pass through green gardens between sections of the hospital
  • Construction aimed at maximizing use of natural light
  • Equipment such as vaccine refrigerators and a blood bank

Construction is currently in progress, using an all Indonesian workforce, with at least 50% of jobs going to local laborers, many of whom were previously loggers. Construction of the hospital is scheduled to be completed in October 2016.

The CHTC will provide high-quality, affordable health care to over 100,000 people living in West Borneo, without sacrificing the rain forest and our climate. But we’re not stopping there, it’s time to grow. Together, we can make this hospital the first place in the world that integrates health care and conservation initiatives to break the cycle of poverty, poor health, and environmental degradation.

To do that, we need your help. We have a plan to take this model around the world, and you can be the one to lead the charge against climate change with a gift today. Every dollar will be used to support the amazing work of running the hospital, conducting research, and spearheading new sites. Our planet can't wait.

Special thanks to the architecture and engineering firms who generously donated their time to the hospital design:

  • Illuminosa Design – Alice Prussin
  • Ramer Architecture – Richard Ramer, Scott Jones, and Rafael Martinez
  • Englekirk Structural Engineers – Mitchel Le Heux, Margaux Burkholder, Raul Pronto, Reid Nishimura, Henry Chan, Sean Cullenward, Michael Sims, and Mirlon Miranda
  • Feffer Geological Consulting
  • ME Engineers – Shailesh Hira, Alex Popa, Chris Dang
  • Mackenzie - Ryan Suarez, PE

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