Rainforests and Communities

Health In Harmony works with communities who live around protected rainforests in Borneo and Madagascar, providing healthcare, agriculture training, and economic empowerment. This combination allows the community to stop logging, which enables the forest to breathe and helps stabilize the climate.


Health In Harmony supports partner ASRI (Alam Sehat Lestari) to run a fully functional medical center that treats many thousands of patients each year. The communities’ key innovation is a “green credit” system – patients from villages that reduce illegal logging receive discounts up to 70% on healthcare services. Patients can also pay with seedlings, handicrafts, manure, and more, ensuring care is always accessible.


Farmers near Gunung Palung National Park were dependent on destructive “slash-and-burn” agriculture and asked for training in organic farming. Using more efficient and eco-friendly methods, families are now able to grow more produce and sell the surplus for additional income, without having to clear more land or use harmful chemicals.

Economic and Community Empowerment

What started as a community healthcare and conservation initiative in Gunung Palung National Park has now grown to include social and economic programs: Chainsaw Buyback, Goats for Widows, Community Education, Kitchen Gardens, and Forest Guardians.

See below for locations of impact:

Gunung Palung National Park


The flagship site; since 2007, Health In Harmony has collaborated with ASRI, an Indonesian-run organization, and communities around Gunung Palung National Park, to create and implement programs that support human health, economic development, and environmental conservation. These projects have reduced logging, increased wellbeing, regenerated the rainforest, and created a global warming solution that also lifts up local people.

Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park


In 2018, Health In Harmony and ASRI
launched a second site in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park. This park is a critical release site for rehabilitated orangutans for our partner International Animal Rescue. It is nearly twice the size of Gunung Palung National Park and faces similar threats such as “slash-and-burn” agriculture, hunting, and logging. Through a radical listening process, we have initiated communities’ requests for reliable, affordable healthcare and training in sustainable agriculture.

Manombo Special Reserve


In Fall 2019, with local NGOs and renowned conservation organizations, we will launch a program with rainforest communities in Manombo Special Reserve, a 14,300-acre protected area in southeast Madagascar. The reserve is home to nine species of lemur, all of which are endemic to Madagascar and threatened with extinction. We will address the challenges of high-quality healthcare access, resilient and adaptable farming techniques, and, most urgently, hunger, enabling the communities to live in balance with this precious rainforest.

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