Over the past fifteen years, Health In Harmony Indonesia has produced outstanding results with your donations. Read our scientific paper to learn more or our annual Impact Report for all other sites.

Carbon Dioxide

Health In Harmony has protected XXXXXXXX pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere since 2017.

In total, Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo contains the equivalent of 14 years of San Francisco’s CO2 emissions, which would be released if all the forest was lost.

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52,000 acres of rainforest regenerated

90% decline in illegal logging households

44 trees a day saved by Chainsaw Buyback

39,154 and counting ancient trees left standing since Chainsaw Buyback began in 2017

23,146 seedlings used as payment for thousands of dollars worth of healthcare in 2019

79,406+ seedlings used as payment for healthcare since 2014

237,824 total seedlings planted at reforestation sites


3,000 endangered Bornean Orangutans’ habitat protected


9,055 patient visits to ASRI in 2019

94,499 total visits to ASRI since 2007

120,000 people able to access healthcare

67% decline in infant mortality

54% decline in births per mother

Significant decline in common diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and diabetes


200+ Chainsaw Buyback entrepreneurs running new, sustainable businesses

86 Chainsaw Buyback businesses are run by women

3,100+ students have learned about orangutans, climate change, and recycling through the ASRI Kids and Teens education programs

222 widows in the Goats for Widows program, which is now self-sustaining – one goat offspring is “paid forward” to another widow

17 active farmers’ cooperatives working together to grow organic produce and increase profits

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