Julia Riseman is the principal owner of Riseman Consulting, providing non-profit organizations with strategic planning, fund development planning, and facilitation services.  She also works for JCamp 180, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, providing consulting services to Jewish summer camps across North America. Back in 2005, she helped Dr. Kinari Webb co-found Health In Harmony, and as a volunteer ran the organization from her home office for the first several years. Julia earned a BA in Psychology from Reed College and received her MBA at the Simmons School of Management.

I joined the Board because: I believe that we are running out of time to save the health of our planet from global climate change. While governments are stalled and unable to take sufficient action to ensure a healthy planet for all, Health In Harmony has given me a tangible means to make a difference by supporting specific communities to address both human and environmental health needs together.  As one of Health In Harmony's founding Board members, I’m honored to return to serve on the Board once again, this time to support Health In Harmony’s steps towards replication.

My favorite HIH story is: At one of the first ever organic farming trainings, one of the farmers fainted and was rushed to ASRI's clinic where they found he had a bone infection from falling from a coconut tree years ago! All this time he'd been having on and off fevers that were never treated. They gave him antibiotics and told him to rest for three days. He refused! He didn't want to miss the training! So they came up with a compromise solution. I love this story for the way human health care needs and learning to care for the local environment are embodied in one passionate, motivated, determined (and sick) young farmer.

Steve Kusmer is inspired by design and technology, and has spent his career in Silicon Valley building technology companies and products. He is currently co-founder and CEO of Abvio, a maker of award-winning fitness applications for the iPhone and Android. Prior to this, at Atomz he was co-founder, CEO, and Board Chair from 1998 until its acquisition in 2005, where it is now a part of Adobe. He has led teams creating products ranging from the world's first word processor for handwriting to search engines for enterprise web sites. He is an author of thirteen patents in mobile and internet technologies, and was named an entrepreneur of the year in 2006 by New Enterprise Associates. Steve is a graduate of Cornell University, and also serves on the board of Avivo, a non-profit organization that fosters creativity and artistry in music education.

I joined the Board because: Climate change is a clear and present danger to the future of life on Earth. Supporting Health In Harmony is the best way for me to do something about it.

"I joined the Board of Directors to work with others that are helping the world understand that the health of our environment is intertwined with our personal health."

Architect and Community Organizer

"Health In Harmony is such a shining light in this world that I wanted to know more about it’s inner workings and be a small part of it’s success. HH brings together a true love of both nature and humanity. It’s mission aligns perfectly with what green architecture strives to accomplish in the built environment.  I am also delighted with the fact that ASRI was born in a predominately Muslim country and breaks open misconceptions, especially as it places women in leadership roles."

"My first love is humanitarian medicine, my second climate-health.  Health in Harmony's work, which marries healthcare to planetary care, is a fascinating opportunity to engage with both of my passions at once and explore how this concept of positive feedback-loops can benefit both people and planet."

Seneca Park Zoo

“I am a veterinarian enjoying a conservation science and comparative medicine career at the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry and the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY. Since 2013, a Canadian veterinary colleague, Dr. Andrew Winterborn, and I have made several visits mentoring goat and cattle herd health best and sustainable practices for widows and farmers participating in ASRI’s agricultural programs. The resultant herd health and productivity outcome metrics are impressive. As a board member, my priority is to raise public awareness and funds in support of Health In Harmony’s mission promoting ecosystem health demonstrating the connection between healthy people, animals, and environment.”

MJ “Jo” Whitehouse is a UCSF-trained physician, board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology. After her career as a teacher and clinician, she worked in drug development, mostly as an independent consultant for privately held companies. She retired in 2013 to focus on her personal causes: health care, conservation/climate change, education, and poverty.

She was born in Lexington, KY, raised in various locations (Dad was Navy), completed high school at Westridge School for Girls and college at USC (loved biochemistry!). She migrated north for medical school at UCSF and remained in San Francisco (who would leave?).

She chairs the Board of Health In Harmony and has been a member of ARCS since 2013. She maintains that ARCS and HIH are both great fits for “Chapter 3” – work on something important, with people that she likes (and respects), where she can make a difference (for the better), and learn new “stuff”.

Her husband, Mike Heffernan is responsible for her 20-year career in vintage racing in an XK120 Jaguar. Imagine that.

I joined the Board because: I wanted to work on something VERY important, with people that I LIKE, where I can make a difference. I joined the Board because HIH does it ALL:  saves rainforests, provides healthcare, educates kids and adults, and reduces poverty. Who could want anything more?

My favorite HIH story: We know how to make lemonade! In early 2017, because of our concern for safety for volunteers traveling with the wrong visa (deportation was likely; imprisonment was possible), ASRI and HIH halted the volunteer program!  In short – a big bag of LEMONS!  I was so sad – others were as well.  And then, the ASRI and HIH team started to lean in, met with friends, and university and government representatives. The program will now be reconfigured as an educational exchange (which it always has been) – “volunteers” will be “trainees” and will be admitted under the Ministry of Education.  And better yet, HIH and ASRI have increased the priority of the Training Center (always a part of the CHTC) with the formation of a project team to establish the HIH Institute of Planetary Health at ASRI (name still is under discussion).  All I can say to the ASRI and HIH teams is – “this is GREAT LEMONADE; thanks so much”!

"I joined the Board of Health In Harmony because I am compelled to help and facilitate the mission of its members and staff. To help them to continue in making that tangible difference to the health and wellbeing of the people in my homeland and other parts of the world."