Kinari first developed the vision for Health In Harmony when studying orangutans in 1993 at Gunung Palung National Park. There she encountered not only a beautiful and threatened natural environment but also the dire health needs of the people surrounding the National Park. After her experience in Indonesia, Kinari decided to become a physician and return to Indonesia to work together with local communities to improve both their health and preserve the natural environment. Dr. Webb graduated from Yale University School of Medicine with honors and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez, California. Kinari founded Health In Harmony in 2005 to support the combined human and environmental work that she planned in Indonesia. After a year of traveling around Indonesia looking for the best site for this program (unmet health care needs, forest that could still be saved and a responsive government), Kinari helped co-found the ASRI program in West Kalimantan Indonesia with Hotlin Ompusunggu and Antonia Gorog. Kinari currently splits her time between Indonesia and the US.

My favorite HIH story is: A village's first female chief ended illegal logging with spies and checkpoints

Jonathan found his passion for managing international development projects early in his career. After completing his M.S. in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology, he spent several years in post-conflict Kosovo and then Croatia working with local NGOs and consulting for Mercy Corps. He later joined Save the Children in the UK and earned his M.A. in International Politics and Security at Bradford University. In 2005, he joined Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres, spending the next decade managing medical humanitarian programs in South Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Liberia, and elsewhere. In 2013, he became the Deputy Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Canada and settled in Toronto.

After more than 15 years in international aid, he decided to get back to his passion for environmental science and joined Health In Harmony (HIH) in 2017. He is incredibly excited to be part of the HIH team, as it's mission merges his two passions - global health and conservation biology. Jonathan believes that we no longer live in a world where the health of people, ecosystems, and the planet can be effectively addressed in silos; human development and ecosystem conservation are one and the same. As Executive Director, he oversees the representational, operational and financial health of this uniquely ambitious non-profit organization.

My favorite HIH story: Building a ‘Good Anthropocene’ From the Bottom-UpIdentifying successful socio ecological initiatives

Trina graduated with a BA in journalism from Washington State University in 2010. She then pursued her passion for social justice through earning an MS in environmental studies at the University of Montana and writing her thesis on sustainable community development in Central America, Kenya and India, focusing specifically on the roles of women and religion – describing a model very similar to Health In Harmony! Trina has worked and volunteered with a variety of publications and environmental and social nonprofits including Portland Monthly, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Women’s Voices for the Earth. In the six months before she started at Health In Harmony in 2013, Trina lived with families in Turkey, Greece, and Italy, but she is now happily installed in Portland with her new husband, indomitable cat, and backyard garden.

My favorite HIH story: When our volunteer, Adam, was walking around ASRI's reforestation site and found the first four orangutan nests. It was so gratifying to see that orangutans were sleeping in the trees, even though they were still so young! This corridor, replanted with seedlings bartered by patients at the clinic, is so important for the genetic diversity and survival of this population. Reforestation is complex and difficult, but it's working!

Ashley graduated with an M.A. in International Development, Community, and Environment with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Clark University. While in college and graduate school, she began her research in Namibia and South Africa and later spent time working on women's economic development initiatives in Ghana and Tanzania. Ashley later became the director of an international non-profit that scaled to working in ten low-resourced, post-crisis countries focused on community-driven solutions to public health, education, and economic challenges. Seeing the impact that health interventions had internationally, she moved into domestic public health, helping launch a national public health program on early cancer detection for young adults. Ashley has served on a number of boards including World Child Cancer, Planned Parenthood of MA, the International Center of Worcester, and is the co-founder of AIRSPRAY, a grassroots organization focused on LGBTQ activists and supporters to boost artistic economy in central Massachusetts. 

After ten years of working in international development and public health, she transitioned to Portland, OR to get closer to nature and begin working at the intersection of human and environmental health.

My favorite HIH story: How to save the rainforest: build a health center

Maggie graduated from Stetson University with a degree in Political Science and spent the first part of her career working on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide. Focusing mainly on education and environmental issues she worked for members from New York City, Indiana, and Northern California as well as a stint on the House Education Committee.

 Following her passion for protecting the environment and feeling a need to do get involved with something that was actually making a difference, Maggie joined the board of Health In Harmony in 2013. Traveling to Sukadana in 2016 made her even more passionate for the work we are doing. While helping to fill a staffing gap at HIH, she realized that she not only loved Health In Harmony, but she also loved writing grants. Now she is pursuing a new line of work helping to convince others to love (and fund) the work that we are doing.

 When she is not writing grants, she is usually spending time with her kids, working in the garden, hiking, or playing tennis.

Thomas has ten years of experience in the non-profit world, with a focus on fundraising and communications. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a BA in English, he spent time teaching English in Beijing, China before earning an MA in International Affairs and Asian Studies from George Washington University. At GW, he researched water scarcity and other issues at the intersection of environmental degradation and public health. He was drawn to Health In Harmony’s community-led approach to conservation and planetary health. In his free time, Thomas enjoys cooking, playing and listening to music, and checking out the many fine local businesses in the fair city of Milwaukie, Oregon!

My favorite HIH story: I love this graphic introduction to Planetary Health from The Lancet. It helped me understand a broader definition of “health.” This is a must-read for anyone interested in how Health In Harmony protects fragile ecosystems by helping vulnerable people find sustainable livelihoods.

Lisa spent her early years traveling throughout the US, dividing the better part of her time between Hawaii, Washington, New York and Idaho. A resident of Oregon for twenty-plus years, she has spent seven of those working for the Forest Park Conservancy as an Office Manager and Membership Coordinator. She is most pleased to be transferring her knowledge and passion for helping forests to Health In Harmony. Most weekends she can be found with her family—eating, reading, hiking and enjoying the company of nature on the banks of one of Oregon's wild and scenic rivers.

My favorite HIH story: The Rain Forest as a Classroom - I'm always inspired by young minds on adventures and finding their way in the world.

Cecilia studied geography at the State University of Campinas (Brazil), and since then she has been interested in the dynamics of land use change in the Amazon. This was the focus of his master’s studies (Yale University, 2009), and PhD (University of Brasilia, 2017). Professionally, she has developed training courses on Payment for Environmental Services in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, and has worked as researcher in an international research project in the Amazon. In 2019 she concluded a postdoc at the University of Lancaster (UK), during which she was seeking policy alternatives to combat forest degradation in the Amazon. She is Brazilian and lives in Ilhéus (Bahia) since 2014. She is very excited to work with Health In Harmony in the pursuit of conserving the Amazon rainforest while improving the wellbeing of peoples that live in and from the forest.

Emily grew up in Central Oregon but moved to Maine in order to earn her degree in Environmental Studies from Bates College. While in Maine, she worked with Healthy Androscoggin on their program to address environmental health concerns among recently resettled Americans through in-home health education. She has also worked in nonprofits focused on youth development in both Maine and Oregon. In 2017, Emily worked as a Junior Advocate for Caldera at their Arts and Environmental Camp. She has also worked with an international environmental conference for high school students. The conference worked to promote environmentally focused, year-long projects and brought together students from 18 different countries. Emily is excited to return to Oregon in order continue international work by connecting human and environmental health.