Cédric Andriamananarivo

Reforestation & Agroforestry Manager

In his role at HIH Madagascar, Cédric leads reforestation planning and execution within the Manombo Special Reserve and agroforestry planning and execution with communities around the reserve. He also oversees the establishment of seedling nurseries and supervises their operation.

Cédric joined HIH in 2021. He collaborates closely with project partners and works to maintain a good relationship with them.

Before joining HIH, Cédric studied at the Higher School of Agronomic and Environmental Sciences, which reinforced his vocation as an agricultural / forestry engineer and gave him expertise in all areas pertaining to agronomics, the environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity. His academic course included a series of practical internships as well as individual and team consultancy work, through which Cédric had the opportunity to compare his theoretical knowledge with the realities on the ground.

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