Jeremy Pivor

advisor to the executive director

Jeremy has worked at the intersection of human and environmental health for over a decade through his passion for conservation and social justice. He has conducted research throughout the United States, Indonesia, Madagascar, and on the high seas. He’s also been a staunch climate change advocate within the United Nations. Following his undergraduate studies in environmental biology at Washington University in St. Louis, Jeremy received the prestigious Henry Luce Foundation Scholarship where he lived in Indonesia working on marine conservation with the Coral Triangle Center. His exposure to the influence of poverty on ecosystem degradation attracted him to Health in Harmony’s planetary health model. As a result, he served as the research coordinator for the 2017 community health and environment household survey at Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI). Jeremy holds a MS from UC Berkeley’s Joint Medical Program with dual concentrations in the impacts of climate change on human health as well as communicating the multifaceted stories of people with illness. He is Senior Program Coordinator with Harvard’s Planetary Health Alliance.

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