Nina Finley

Research Program Manager

Nina oversees Health In Harmony’s research collaborations with rainforest communities and academic partners to inform programs and share communities’ planetary health solutions through peer-reviewed publications.

Over the past eight years, Nina has conducted disease ecology research in Ecuador, Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Nunavut. In 2017, she was studying lemur viruses in the Malagasy rainforest when a serendipitous meeting led her to volunteer with ASRI in Borneo and write grants with HIH. She joined the team as the Research Program Manager in 2021.

As a Marshall Scholar, Nina holds a BA in Biology-Environmental Studies and an MSc in One Health: Ecosystems, Humans and Animals. She is completing an MA in Creative Nonfiction Writing, where she examines the ruptured relationships between humans and microbes in the wake of colonialism and climate change. In her free time, Nina loves to play ultimate frisbee.

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