Taspia (Pia) Piya

Social Media Officer

As Social Media Officer, Pia is responsible for managing all of the Health In Harmony social media platforms, highlighting HIH’s mission in rainforest communities in Indonesia, Madagascar, and Brazil. Working collaboratively with the Marketing Officer, Pia utilizes their expertise and best practices for growth, creating content, and sharing compelling stories to engage with and cultivate a digital community of organizations and planet healers concerned with and working toward planetary health.

Pia is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer who deeply cares about protecting their community against criminalization and displacement through grassroots organizing, education, and arts efforts. They believe in the power of empathy-listening, mutual aid, and the abolition of carceral states to create a harmonious world rooted in interdependency, love, and care.

Pia holds a BA in Art with a concentration in Art History from the City University of New York at CCNY. They are currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

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