International & Domestic Travel Arrangements


From the United States and other locations outside of Indonesia, you should budget two full days of travel to Sukadana. Once you have confirmed your on-site dates with Health In Harmony staff, you will book your international flights to Jakarta (or in some cases to Pontianak—see Domestic Travel section). Please send your booking confirmation to Health In Harmony so we have your itinerary on file. Round-trip international travel arrangements must be made before you can apply for your visa.

Domestic Travel Arrangements

Most international itineraries will route you through Jakarta. From Jakarta, there are a couple options for travel, both requiring a full day of travel. The recommended travel route for staff and visitors is:

  • Fly from Jakarta to Ketapang, either direct (approx. 1.5 hours; limited availability) or with a layover in Pontianak or Semarang (several hours total, depending on layover time)
  • An ASRI driver will pick you up at the Ketapang airport and take you to Sukadana (approx. 2 hours).
Arranged by Health In Harmony

As part of your visitor fees we will arrange the transportation from Ketapang to Sukadana. One of the ASRI drivers will pick you up at the airport and bring you to Sukadana.

Arrange on your own

There are some elements of the trip that you have to book on your own and others that require assistance from Health In Harmony and/or ASRI staff. The parts you have to arrange include:

Domestic Flights

Flights to Pontianak or Ketapang through Garuda (and a few other Indonesian airlines) can be booked online. If you have trouble booking a domestic flight, we have a Ketapang-based travel agent you can contact—Alex:

Hotel in Jakarta

If your flight schedule requires you to stay the night in Jakarta, there are numerous options near the airport, at many different price points.

Hotel in Pontianak

Pontianak has a number of good hotel options. Near the airport, there is Gardenia Resort & Spa, which offers peaceful villas and massages. In the heart of the city popular options include Mercure Hotel and The Golden Tulip.