What We Do

Our vision: Healthy planet with healthy people.

Our mission: Community-led solutions for human health and planetary health

Health In Harmony embraces the links between human health, ecosystem health, and planetary health. These are our core principles:

We radically listen.

We trust community members to identify and solve the problems they face. First, we use radical listening to facilitate community discussions. With that knowledge, we can help identify root causes of poverty, poor health, and environmental destruction. Finally, guided by the community, we create consensus and practical solutions.  This is the basis for lasting, meaningful change.

Our programs are community-led.

Our community partners develop and sustain all of our on-the-ground programs.  They collaborate with us, as well as local government and NGO partners. Together, we create sustainable solutions that work. 

We partner with local, regional, and international actors.

In fact, we work with anyone who has a stake in local, community-driven solutions.

Our outcomes are data-driven.

We are committed to understanding our impact. That's why our projects and programs are deeply rooted in monitoring and evaluation.

Our solutions are integrated.

Human health, ecosystem health, and planetary health are not separate.  They are deeply connected. Therefore, we address the relationships between poverty, poor health, and environmental destruction. Click here to read more about our pilot program Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI). In just over ten years, this project has already reduced logging, increased well being, and transformed the landscape. Your support will help us and create planetary health solutions in sensitive ecosystems around the world!